A Date by Christmas Eve (2019)


When overly-giving brand strategist Chelsea Simms (Vanessa Lengies) discovers the latest dating app for her firm, The Good List, has given her the magical ability to teach all the selfish, “naughty” people in her life a lesson in how to be good again with a swipe of their name, she starts to fall for her neighborly friend Fisher (Evan Williams) , the one guy who has never used her for her giving nature. But when Chelsea lets the app get the best of her just before Christmas and selfishly puts Fisher on the naughty list by mistake, she must find a way to right her own naughty deeds and get Fisher to forgive and fall for her once again, and find her way back onto the Nice List in time for Christmas Eve.


Vanessa Lengies

Chelsea Simms

Evan Williams

Fisher Dougherty

Morgan Fairchild

Mrs. Kringle