"I cannot say enough great things about working for Ninth House Films! Autumn Federici is fabulous and it was a joy to be directed by Jake Helgren. They provide a fun and creative set and give everyone a chance to contribute. AND a well-organized and helpful crew to boot! Who really needs more??"
Morgan Fairchild ( Actress)
“The Ninth House Films exemplifies true quality and professionalism in the the film and tv industry. Not only are they true to their craft, but also treat you like a member of their family.”
David Kater (Musician, Producer, Actor, Writer)
Mickey Mouse Club
The Ninth House Films Team is among the most fun, welcoming, hilarious, hardworking and talented group of people I have worked with. This groups sense of humor, ability to create a light atmosphere, their professionalism and dedication to the craft allows me as an actor to perform with no insecurities or hesitations. It’s always an honor to be involved with any of their projects!"
Katherine Bailess (Actress)
Hit The Floor
Working with Jake and Autumn is like coming home."
Julie McNiven (Actress)